Cronicles of a design process for weaved garments | Strawberry Blouse

Hi knitter! At this moment I am making the Strawberry Blouse again, which is knitted with the knitting technique on circular needles, in a medium thickness yarn that I am using and then I will make the pattern based on this version since the previous version I made with fine yarn, although I loved the result I wanted to make it a little narrower and also faster, so here is my new opportunity, knitting with a thicker yarn and other colors! Knitting with fine thread always takes more time but the result is really beautiful and super light, from time to time it is good to use fine thread in our fabrics, especially when we are not in a hurry to finish, but if we are anxious to knit a particular design, Choosing a medium to thick thread is the solution to speed up times, although the final result is different, it is still beautiful.

Day 1: March 1, 2022 As always, before starting any fabric I make the sample to calculate the number of stitches I will have to make to reach the size I want to make my garment. In this case I want it on the body so I am going to do the calculations based on 79cm, which is what it gives me if I subtract 85cm (the average at bust height) - 6cm (which is what the fabric normally stretches).

In my experience I always have to do the calculations for a measurement 6cm less than it really is so that it does not get too big for me, because the fabric stretches, so since my measurement at bust height is 85cm, I do the calculations in match to 79cm.

I already made the sample so let's start knitting! I start with a few rows of 2x2 elastic. Then I continue with the "drawing" for the rest of the body. I decided to make this version in three colors, striped, so at the same time I learn how to change colors by knitting in a circular way, WHAT A THRILL!

By the way, I'm making the color changes as I see it as I'm knitting, so let's see how it turns out!! I venture to change color without any foresight.

Wooowww, I love how this combination is turning out, it's great to see how the drawing is created as I knit, it's great!

I already did 23 laps, it's time to sleep!

Hours worked today: 3 hours.

Day 2: March 2, 2022 I continue knitting and changing colors until I reach the height of the armhole to start with the decreases.

Yayyy! I arrived, it is the final stage where it is time to divide the fabric to make the back and front separately. We are going to decrease to form the armhole and the neckline of this blouse. I'm excited because I love how the color combination is turning out!!

Ooops I ran out of thread! It can happen, so I have to go shopping and I'll resume fabric.

A few hours later...

Thread in hand, ready to go! I got to complete one of the parts of the back today, tomorrow I will continue with the others.

Hours worked today: 2h 50min

Day 3: March 3, 2022 I am knitting the back and the front, forming the armhole and neckline at the same time. In this part I no longer combine colors, I want everything to be white. This version of the #blusafrutillabe will be a top, and it is based on this version that I am going to write the pattern.

Very good! Once the front and back parts are finished, I continue with straps and then I hide threads!

Hiding threads is the least fun part for me but super important so that the garment is well finished. Since I made color changes, I had to concentrate on making those color joints look good and be as inconspicuous as possible, so I dedicated a good part of the finishing time to this detail.

Hours worked today: 2h 20min


I am happy with the final result, it is the first time that I dare to mix colors and I did it at the moment when I was knitting the garment, so it was very nice to discover as I went along how those combined colors look and in the way that I combined them , each color line has a different number of rows, here is the magic of the random color combination effect! A beautiful plot to enjoy knitting! And as a result, a beautiful Top was left in love!

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